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Are you looking for stock OR custom acrylic/plastic displays?
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Whether you are looking for stock items like sign holders, j-racks, slat wall trays, restaurant table tents or you need a custom fabricated acrylic design idea brought to life, Modern Plastics Designs can help.

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Acrylic displays and a brief  introduction to our company.

Modern Plastics Designs has been in business since 1987.  When I first started my business customer service was at the forefront of  any acrylic displays that we were going to design.  I want my customers to feel comfortable no matter what the product was that they are  looking for. That being said, we have a great relationship with our distributors and get some of the best pricing on materials that can be found.

Acrylic displays examples of our products.

If you visit our web site you will notice that we do carry a large number of stock product items.  Be it acrylic wall displays,acrylic display stands,acrylic retail displays or even acrylic sign holders  it all can be found at Modern Plastics Designs. We are also a full service fabrication company, meaning that if you have a design that you want to produce we will work hand in hand with you to make that design become a reality.

Acrylic displays and the purpose of the articles that  I am writing. 

Some times ordering an acrylic retail display can be a daunting experience.  I am trying to place your mind at ease and make it a simple process for you and your company. Be it a simple acrylic sign holder to a complicated acrylic retail display you can be assured that any acrylic display you order from us will be delivered with a smile.

Sincerely Gary Harrington Owner