What do I need to do to make a lasting impression at a trade show? Trade show graphics are a specialty of Advertising Creations. Often, graphics are the last item on the to-do list as a company prepares to attend a trade show. We’re here; ready to help if you find yourself in a bind.


This is a really cool idea for cutting large formats. Review: Printrbot Crawlbot Revolutionizes CNC | Make: Printrbot just released the Crawlbot, a game changer in the world of CNC. It takes one basic fundamental of CNC machines and throws it out the window: The idea that if you want to cut a large piece


What tooling do I need to work with plastic? My business is basically a glorified wood shop. We use all types of tools that are associated with wood. Table saws, band saws, routers, jointers, drill presses. The only thing that we use that is specific to plastic or acrylic is the bending tables. King Plastic


Here is some info about Advertising Creations and their capabilities. Human beings have been creating signs ever since we developed opposable thumbs. The first signs were probably little more than a stick pointing the way to a food source or a pile of rocks signifying a boundary line. The science and business of sign making


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What is trending in digital graphics? Advertising Creations bought its first digital printer in 1997. The writing was on the wall and it was clear this was a technology that was here to stay. Still to this day though, screen printing has a place in graphics production. Digital printing is a compliment to traditional forms


Where do I find the acrylics that you see in hotels? At Modern Plastics Designs we have been fabricating for many years  all types of acrylic pieces for the hotel industries.  It could be a simple sign holder or some type of literature holder. You never know what the hotel could be looking for.  


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Image provided by Advertising Creations Promotional Items – General Information POP and promotional graphics are a large segment of our business. In today’s demanding retail environment the right signage and branding can have an enormous impact on consumer interest. Advertising Creations has the knowledge and experience to produce promotional and pop graphics that will make


What leads you to the food that your palette desires? The answer to that is all types of advertisements that are put up in the isles to grab your attention.  That is one thing Advertising Creations  has in place a great skill set to accomplish the advertising that you are looking to use to promote your product.


Die cutting does it mean what you think it means? Die cutting is an efficient and cost effective way to shape cut various rigid and pressure sensitive substrates. If you are not familiar with die cutting, then imagine a huge cookie cutter. I love digital die-cutting- the intricacy of the shapes, the ease of use,


What the frick am I looking at? Excuse me while I walk thru this store and show no interest in anything I am looking at.  Do you ever get this feeling?  I know I do as I walk thru endless isles of product and none of it grabs my attention. I know I am somewhat