Plexiglas Boat Windshields

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Plexiglas Boat Windshields

Plexiglas Boat Windshields Mine has broken.

You are out on your boat on a windy day.  You lose your balance and all of a sudden your plexiglas boat windshield is busted.  It happens all the time.  During the summer time I receive calls quite frequently for custom boat windshields.  A bass boat windshield seems to make up the majority of the calls.  I think the fishermen are harder on their boats than anyone.

Plexiglas boat windshields what’s the next step to replace it?

Custom boat windshields are fabricated in numerous ways.  The simple plexiglas boat windshield may just be a flat profile.  Or it may be a flat profile with some bends in it.  A bass boat windshield could be an injected molded piece with a radius to it.  If you own an older boat, custom boat windshields might be your only answer.  If you cannot order a stock plexiglas boat windshield,  your only alternative is to call an acrylic fabrication company.

Plexiglas boat windshields what do I need to tell the fabrication company?

In a perfect world it would be nice to have the old bass boat windshield dropped off.  If you’re ordering your custom boat windshields on line that probably isn’t practical.  Lots of times a simple drawing with dimensions will suffice.  Some complicated windows might require a cad drawing.  Something we have to set up on our CNC machine.  You really will not know how complicated your plexiglas boat wind shield is till you give us a call.

Plexiglas boat windshields are not the only windows we make.

Motorcycle windshields get broken quite frequently also.  They are just like the plexiglas boat windshields, some are easy to make and some can be a bear.  We have also replicated snowmobile windshields.  Windows for houses can also be made from plexiglas or acrylic.  All you have to do is give any fabricator a call with material thickness and dimensions.  If it can be fabricated out of plexiglas or acrylic, there should be someone out there to give you a hand.  It shouldn’t be that hard to find replacement plexiglas boat windshields that work for you.


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